1. The function of Sociology as a science is to bring about that which is hidden. Pierre Bourdieu

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We encourage you to review and submit papers to our online journal. Although this is a small journal it is refereed and focused on research by Missouri sociologists or research on the state of Missouri life and culture. The Journal has its own website and through that site you also have access to archival articles and journal information.


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Submission Guidelines

Submit A Manuscript

The MEJS welcomes submissions on topics of sociological interest from authors in academic or non-academic settings in Missouri and the adjacent states of Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas.  Article-length manuscripts, Teaching Notes, Research Notes, Application Notes and Reviews are all appropriate formats.  Advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students may submit an item for publication in The Student Manifest, a section within the MEJS.  There are no theoretical, methodological, or style restrictions.  Political advocacy manuscripts will not be reviewed for inclusion.  Presenters at the MSA annual meeting are encouraged to send manuscripts of their presentation for consideration in the MEJS.

Submitting a manuscript to the MJES means the author(s) commit to publish in this journal.  Concurrent submissions of the same manuscript to another professional journal while under review by the MEJS is professionally inappropriate.

 Please prepare the manuscript in Microsoft Word or any compatible format. If none of these file formats are available, please contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate you. Please follow these instructions:

•Article-length manuscripts should not exceed a total of 30 pages not to include References.  Teaching, Research, and Application Notes should not exceed 2,000 words. Length of Reviews will be negotiated.  (Please contact editor directly with proposal.)

•Provide a title page with the name and affiliation of each author.

•Remove any identifying information from the remainder of the manuscript.

•Article-length manuscripts must include a 50-75 word abstract.

•Please provide 3 or 4 key words to assist on-line researchers.

•Pages are to be numbered, and double-spaced lines of number 12 font, with a 1 inch margin around each page.

•References should be in alphabetical order; Last Name, First Name. Year. Title. Source.

•Use the American Sociological Society’s current Style Guide for information relevant to style and format [generally consistent with the Chicago Manual of Style].

•Please place any tables in the body of the text, not at the end of the manuscript.

•Include a complete USPS mailing address and an appropriate e-mail for correspondence.

 Manuscripts to be considered for publication will be sent for external peer review. We will make every effort to notify you of the reviewers' decisions within two months. Submissions to The Student Manifest will be reviewed by the journal editor and a member of the Editorial Board. The journal editor reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding manuscripts. Journal articles will be published in pdf. format.  Authors will retain copyright of their manuscripts.

Additional considerations:

* Policies affecting the MEJS will be determined by the Editorial Board of the Journal.

* The volume year will begin on the last day of the MSA annual meeting.  There will be

two numbers in each volume, No. 1 includes Fall/Winter, No. 2, includes


* There will be a policy of rolling-acceptance of papers for publication.  Papers accepted

for publication will appear in the MEJS as soon as technically possible.

Editorial Board of the Missouri Electronic Journal of Sociology   2017-2018

  1. Bullet Gary Brinker – Fort Hayes State University

  2. Bullet Musa Ilu – Central Missouri University

  3. Bullet Linda Lindsey – Washington University in St. Louis

  4. Bullet David Rohall – Missouri State University

  5. Bullet Christina Webster – St. Charles Community College

Editor: Patrick Fontane – Professor Emeritus, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Journal Archive

For Journal Information Contact

Patrick Fontane pefontane@gmail.com

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