1. The function of Sociology as a science is to bring about that which is hidden. Pierre Bourdieu

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Perceived Neighborhood Safety Differences for White and African American Elderly Residents in the City of St. Louis, Missouri


David Ruggeri

East Central College


John Bossert

St. Louis University


Allan Maram

University of the Witwatersrand



Abstract: Data utilized from a 2001 survey conducted of 602 elderly St. Louis City residents examine the factors influencing perceived neighborhood safety. The data demonstrates that race, ethnicity, gender, social connectedness, self-reported health, and access to transportation play a role in how an individual perceives the safety of their neighborhood. When perceived neighborhood safety is considered for Whites and African Americans separately, it is shown that a difference exists in the level of perceived safety between these groups.

Greed and Grievance in the Niger Delta

Matt Laemmli

Abstract: This paper examines the roles of greed and grievance in the cause and persistence of the conflict in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Under Greed Theory, Nigeria's primary export economy based on oil and its low income level are causes of conflict. For Grievance Theory, the role of unmet human needs and intergroup fighting are very important. Both theories have sufficient cause and work to maintain the conflict. Based on the Nigerian Government's growing neglect of its citizens, the further centralization of its power, and globalizing trends that are and will continue to place an emphasis on Nigerian oil, the outlook on attaining positive peace are bleak.

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