1. Missouri Electronic Journal of Sociology - 2016



Community Health Screening and Quality of Life of Elderly Chinese

Living in St. Louis

Fangzheng Yuan

Office for Research on Aging

St. Louis College of Pharmacy

Abstract: Community health screenings provide both health care services and social networking opportunities among Chinese elders, and thus, affect their health-related quality of life. Older Chinese participants at a free monthly health screening hosted by Health Protection and Education Services were asked to explain why they visit health screenings and how do health screenings affect their health and social needs. Results show that free community health screenings are likely to lead to better quality of life in older Chinese attendees by reducing healthcare barriers, helping attendees to monitor their chronic conditions, and allowing them to strengthen their social connections. (Open Article MEJS Grad MS 2016.pdf)

Keywords: health screening; Chinese residents; health monitoring; health care of ethnic minorities

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