Directory of Contacts Sociological programs

1. Harris-Stowe State University: Terry Daily-Davis -  Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences & Instructor in Urban Studies  (314) 340-5969

2. Missouri Southern State University: Dr. Ree Wells-Lewis - Chair, Social Sciences Department   (417) 625 9565

3.  Missouri State University: Dr. John B. Harms - Professor & Sociology Program Coordinator 417-836-5676

4. Missouri Western State University: Dr. Edwin Taylor - Chair & Associate Professor of Political Science

Office Phone: (816) 271-4403


5. Northwest Missouri State University:  **School no longer have a Sociology Program as 2010 due to low enrollment, but might offer intro to Sociology**  - MARK HORNICKEL, Communication Manager | 660.562.1704 | Fax: 660.562.1900

6. Southeast Missouri State University: **The Regents also approved merging the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology with the Department of Social Work to create a new Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work and Sociology. Restructuring will take effect July 1, 2018.**  No name listed for this contact- 573.651.2541

7. Truman State University: **No name listed for this contact**Department of Society & Environment (Sociology/Antropology) Barnett Hall, Room 2210

Phone: 660-785-4667     Fax: 660-785-7128

8. University of Central Missouri: Department Chair - Professor Wendy Geiger    (660)-543-4247

9. University of Missouri: Department Chair - Edward E. Brent

10. University of Missouri- Kansas City: Dean Wayne Vaught - 302 Scofield Hall, 711 E 51st St.   Kansas City, MO 64110

(816) 235 - 1136 | email:

11. University of Missouri- St. Louis: Chair, Department of Sociology, Gerontology & Gender (SGG) - Office: 712 SSB Towerrobert keel.

Phone: 516-6052       Email:

12. Crowder College: **No sociology program found**

13. East Central College: Dr. William Cunningham, Division Chair

Phone: 636-584-6651

14. Jefferson College: Asst Prof - Sociology

15. Metropolitan College: -Sharon Hogan (Blue River), 816-604-6503;

Tammie May (Longview), 816-604-2365;

-Jessica Halperin (Maple Woods), 816-604-3303;

Dorether Welch, 816- 604-4454

16. Mineral Area College: Dean of Arts and Sciences - Dr. Diana Stuart, Dean C.H. Cozean Library     (573) 518-2252

17. Missouri State University- West Plains: Associate Professor of Psychology/Sociology   417-255-7287

18. Moberly Area Community College: Crist, Matthew L. ~ Professor - Sociology-Master of Arts   - Online

19. North Central Missouri College: **I could not find a program to give direct contact**

20. Ozarks Technical Community College: **They did not have an email available and no name for the contact number** 417-447-7500

21. St. Charles Community College: VI RAJAGOPALAN, - PROGRAM CHAIR


22. St. Louis Community College: Joanne Galanis (Florissant Valley);

Neil E. Das (Forest Park)

23. State Fair Community College: Division Chair - Cara Barth-Fagan - Instructor - Education

  1. (660)596-7329

  1. 24.Three Rivers College: Kristy Niblock

  1. The function of Sociology as a science is to bring about that which is hidden. Pierre Bourdieu

Missouri Sociological Association


1. Harris-Stowe State University – Undergraduate Programs: Law, Justice, and Society, Social Justice, Sociology, Urban Sociology 
Courses Offered:  SOC 0100 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0350 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 0300 Social Justice (3cr.); SOC 0411 History of Social Thought (3cr.); SOC 0450 Social Stratification (3cr.); SOC 0470 Social-Power Coalitions and Decision-Making (3cr.); SOC 0360 Sociology of Law (3cr.); SOC 0480 Critical Theory (3cr.); SOC 0460 Economic Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0480 Critical Theory (3cr.); SOC 0360 Sociology of Law (3cr.); SOC 0310 Urban Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0370 Social Change (3cr.)s; SOC 0303 Social Psychology (3cr.); SOC 0490 Topics in Sociology (3cr.)
2. Lincoln University of Missouri – BS & BA Undergraduate Program & MA CJ & Sociology 
Graduate Programs: M.A. in Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: S/A 151h Honors Introduction To Sociology (3cr.); S/A 201 Introduction To Sociology (3cr.); SOC 301 The Family (3cr.); SOC 306 Sociology Of Black Americans (3cr.); SOC 401 Social Stratification (3cr.); SOC 405 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 405 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 405 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 409 Sociology Of Health Care (3cr.); SOC 412 Sociology Of Education (3cr.); SOC 413 Deviance And Social Control (3cr.); SOC 415 Classical Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 453 Contemporary Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 454 Seminar In Sociology (3cr.); SOC 490-492 Directed Study (1-3cr.); SOC 495-498 Special Subjects (1-3cr.); SOC 499 Internship (3cr.); SS 451 Data Collection Methods (3cr.); SS 452 Data Analysis Methods (3cr.)
Graduate Courses Offered: SS 550 Research Methods (3cr.); SS 552 Data Analysis Methods (3cr.); SS 597 Special Topics In Social Science (1-3cr.); SOC 501 Social Stratification (3cr.); SOC 502 Modern Social Organizations (3cr.); SOC 503 Sociology Of The Community (3cr.); SOC 504 Population And Demography (3cr.); SOC 505 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 506 Juvenile Delinquency (3cr.); SOC 508 Sociology Of Aging (3cr.); SOC 512 Sociology Of Education (3cr.); SOC 595-598 Special Subjects (1-3cr.); SOC 599 Government Internship (3cr.); SA 502 Sociological Theory (3cr.); SA 503 Seminar In Theoretical Issues (3cr.); SA 504 Seminar In Complex Organizations (3cr.); SA 505 Seminar In Social Problems (3cr.); SA 506 Seminar In Special Subjects (2-3cr.); SA 507/CJ 507 Seminar In Criminal Justice (3cr.); SA 508/CJ 508 Seminar In Criminal Justice Policy (3cr.); SA 594 Directed Reading (cr.); SA 599 Thesis
3. Missouri Southern State University: Undergraduate Programs: B.A. in Sociology, B.S. in Sociology, B.S. Ed in Sociology, minor in Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 0110 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0210 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 0311 Social Stratification (3cr.); SOC 0401 Social Science Research Methods (3cr.); SOC 0405 Social Science Statistics (3cr.); SOC 0482 - Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 0361 Social Demography (3cr.); SOC 0362 Deviant Behavior (3cr.); SOC 0482 Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 0221 Marriage and Family (3cr.); SOC 0298 Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0301 Sociology of Religion (3cr.); SOC 0302 Cults in the U.S (3cr.); SOC 0322 Sociology of Work and Leisure (3cr.); SOC 0354 Medical Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0370 The Sociology of Death & Dying (3cr.); SOC 0395 Collective Behavior (3cr.); SOC 0396 Sociology of Education (3cr.); SOC 0406 Sociology of Child Abuse (3cr.); SOC 0491 Internship in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 0498 Advanced Topics in Sociology (3cr.)
4. Missouri State University: Undergraduate Programs: B.A. in Sociology, B.S. in Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 150 Intro to Society (3cr.),SOC 301 Research Methodology (3cr.); SOC 302 Statistics for Social Research (3cr.); SOC 336 Race and Ethnicity (3cr.); SOC 303 Quantitative Methods Lab (1cr.); SOC 325 Intro to Sociological Theory (3cr.) ; SOC 398 Public Sociology and Community Studies (3cr.); SOC 492 Program Assessment and Career Preparations (1cr.); SOC 337 Sociology of Gender (3cr.); SOC 375 Social Forcing and Aging (3cr.); SOC 420 Social Equality (3cr.); SOC 152 Social Problems in the Community (3cr.); SOC 300 Service Learning Curricular Component (1cr.); SOC 320 Political Sociology (3cr.); SOC 341 Medical Sociology (3cr.); SOC 305 Population Analysis (3cr.); 	SOC 309 Work, Industry, and Society (3cr.); SOC 310 Social Deviance (3cr.); SOC 311 Sociology of Sexuality (3cr.); SOC 315 The Family (3cr.); SOC 316 Urban Sociology (3cr.); SOC 319 Environmental Sociology (3cr.); SOC 326 Feminist Theories of Social Order (3cr.); SOC 332 Juvenile Delinquency (3cr.); SOC 357 Sociology of Sport (3cr.); SOC 360 The Individual in Society (3cr.); SOC 380 Sociology of Law (3cr.); SOC 384 Social Movement (3cr.); SOC 390 Religion of Society (3cr.); SOC 391 The Holocaust – A Sociological Intro (1cr.); SOC 397 Special Topic (1-3cr.); SOC 425 Advanced Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 430 The Non-Profit Sector and Civil Society (3cr.); SOC 456 Food in Society (3cr.); SOC 470 Practicum in Applied Sociological Research (3cr.); SOC 492 Program Assessment and Career Preparation (1cr.); SOC 497 Special Topics (1-3cr.); SOC 499 Internship in Applied Sociology (1-6cr.); SOC 596 Directed Readings in Sociology (1-3cr.); SOC 599 Sociological Research (1-3cr.); SOC 697 Directed Readings in Sociology (1-3cr.)
5. Missouri Western State University: Undergraduate Programs: B.S. Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC 120 General Anthropology (3cr.); SOC 360 Sociology Elective: Health and Illness (3cr.); SOC 310 Deviant Behavior (3cr.); SOC 120 General Anthropology (3cr.); SOC 440 Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 230 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 200 Intro to Archeology (3cr.); SOC 400 Race and Ethnic Relations (3cr.); SOC 325 Sociology elective: The World of Islam (3cr.); SOC 330 The Family (3cr.); SOC 430 Criminology (3cr.); SOC 460 Methods of Social Research (3cr.); SOC 490 Internship in Sociology (1-5cr.); SOC 465 Advanced Research Project (3cr.)
6. Northwest Missouri State University: Undergraduate Programs: **School no longer has a Sociology Program, since 2010, due to low enrollment, but might offer Sociology courses**
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 35-101/ SOCI 1010 Intro to Sociology (3cr.); SOCI 1020 Diversity in Society (3cr.); SOCI 2000 Women in Contemporary Society (3cr.); SOCI 2150 Issues of Unity & Diversity (3cr.)
7. Southeast Missouri State University: Undergraduate Programs:  **The Regents approved merging the Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology with the Department of Social Work to create a new Department of Criminal Justice, Social Work and Sociology. Restructuring will take effect July 1, 2018.**, Criminal Justice/Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SO102 Society, Culture, and Social Behavior (3cr.); SO120 Cities and Society (3cr.); SO205 Social Problems in America (3cr.); SO205 Social Problems in America (3cr.); SO242 (Cross-listed as SW242) Statistics for Social Scientists (3cr.); SO255 Special Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SO300 Organized and White Collar Crime (3cr.); SO305 Intersections of Crime (3cr.); SO355 Special Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SO360 Theories of Crime (3cr.); SO370 The Family (3cr.); SO375 Collective Behavior (3cr.); SO385 Family Violence (3cr.); SO444 Deviant Social Behavior (3cr.); SO471-473 Independent Study (1-3cr.); S0491 Sociology Internship (3cr.)
8. Truman State University: Undergraduate: B.S. Anthropology/Sociology, B.A. Anthropology/Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOAN 130 New Majors Seminar in Sociology/Anthropology (3cr.); SOAN 190 Sociological Inquiry (3cr.); SOAN 215 Social Problems (3cr.); SOAN 220 World Prehistory (3cr.); SOAN 232 Anthropology of Gender (3cr.); SOAN 250 Global Focus (3cr.), SOAN 260 Social Institutions (3cr.); SOAN 265 Structured Inequalities (3cr.); SOAN 267 Social Psychology (3cr.); SOAN 360  Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOAN 361 Anthropological Theory (3cr.); SOAN 380 Research Design (3cr.); SOAN 381 Data Analysis and Reporting in Sociology/Anthropology (3cr.); SOAN 450 Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SOAN 452 Integrated Topics in Society and Environment (3cr.); SOAN 471 Internship: Sociology or Anthropology (3cr.); SOAN 472 Internship Evaluation and Analysis (3cr.); SOAN 488 Readings in Sociology and Anthropology (3cr.) SOAN 490 Senior Seminar in Anthropology and Sociology I (3cr.); SOAN 491 Senior Seminar in Anthropology and Sociology II (3cr.); SOAN 554 Independent Studies: Sociology/Anthropology (3cr.); SOAN 554G Independent Studies: Sociology/Anthropology (3cr.)
9. University of Central Missouri: Undergraduate Programs: B.A. Sociology, B.S. Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 1800 General Sociology GE (3cr.); SOC 1830 Social Problems GE (3cr.); SOC 3815 Urban Sociology (3cr.); SOC 3840 Sociology of Sport (3cr.); SOC 3850 Food and Society (3cr.); SOC 4815 Special Projects in Sociology (1-6cr.); SOC 4855 Family Diversity (3cr.); SOC 4860 Sociological Thought (3cr.); SOC 4872 Sociology of Organizations (3cr.); SOC 4875 Medical Sociology (3cr.); SOC 4885 Religion and Society (3cr.); SOC 4894 Sociology of Aging (3cr.); SOC 4895 Senior Seminar in Public Sociology (3cr.)
10. University of Missouri: Undergraduate Programs: B.S. Sociology
Graduate Programs: M.S. Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: 1000 Intro to Sociology (3cr.); 1120 Population and Ecology (3cr.); 1360 The Female Experience: Body, Identity, Culture (3cr.); 1650 Social Deviance (3cr.); 2103 Topics in Sociology-Behavioral Science (3cr.); 2104 Topics in Sociology-Social Science (3cr.); 2182 Critical Dialogs: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy Movements (3cr.); 2200 Social Inequalities; 2210 The Black Americans (3cr.); 2230 Social Perspectives on Aging (3cr.), 2284 Critical Dialogs: Global Environmental Policy Conflicts (3cr.); 2300 Self and Society (3cr); 2310 Cultural Mass Media; 2950 Social Research I (3cr.); 3000 Urban Sociology; 3010 Social Problems (3cr.); 3100 Recent Theories in Sociology, 3200 Class, Status, and Power (3cr.); 3210 Sociology of Globalization; 3230 Education and Social Inequalities (3cr.); 3255 Youth in Today’s World; 3300 Queer Theories/ Identities (3cr.); 3310 Social Psychology (3cr.); 3320 Sociology of Gender (3cr.); 3330 Environmental Justice; 3400 Politics of the Media (3cr.); 3410 Social Bases of War and Peace (3cr.); 3420 The Family (3cr.); 3430 The Sociology of Sport (3cr.); 3440 Sociology of Health; 3450 The Sociology of Religion; 3460 Technology of Society (3cr.); 3510 Public Opinion and Communication (3cr.); 3520 Collective Behavior (3cr.); 3600 Criminology (3cr.); 3700 Social Organizations and Institutions (3cr.); 3710 The Sociology of Work (3cr.); 4100 Experts Systems (3cr.) 4110 Feminist Research and Criticism (3cr.); 4120 Social Statistics (3cr.); 4200 Social Inequalities; 4210 Sociology of Aging (3cr.); 4220 Race and Ethnic Relations (3cr.); 4230 Women, Development, Globalization (3cr.); 4300 Death and Dying (3cr.); 4310 Advanced Social Psychology (3cr.); 4315 Social Demography (3cr.); 4320 Culture, Identity, Interaction; 4335 Social Change and Trends (3cr.); 4370 Environments and Society (3cr.); 4400 Sociology of Health Systems (3cr.); 4410 Sociology of Education (3cr.); 4420 The Politics of Reproduction and Fertility Control (3cr.); 4500 Sociology of Social Policy (3cr.); 4510 Social Movements and Conflicts (3cr.); 4520 Political Sociology (3cr.); 4530 Social Organization of the Industrial Societies (3cr.); 4550 Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural Perspective (3cr.); 4600 Contemporary Corrections (3cr.); 4610 Society and Social Control (3cr.); 4620 Drugs and Society (3cr.); 4630 Sociology of Mental Health (3cr.); 4700 Social Organization; 4940 Internship of Sociology (1-5cr.); 4942 Service Learning in Sociology (3cr.); 4960 Special Readings in Sociology (3cr.); 4970 Senior Seminar (3cr.); 4995 Honors in Sociology (3cr.)
Graduate Courses Offered: 7004 Topics in Sociology – Social Science (3cr.); 7085 Problems in Sociology (3cr.); 7100 Expert Systems (3cr.); 7110 Feminist Research and Criticism (3cr.); 7120 Social Statistics (3cr.); 7200 Social Inequalities (3cr.); 7210 Sociology of Aging (3cr.); 7220 Race and Ethnic Relations (3cr.); 7230 Women, Development, and Globalization (3cr.); 7287 Seminar in Comparative Social Institutions; 7300 Death and Dying (3cr.); 7310 Advanced Social Psychology (3cr.); 7315 Social Demography (3cr.); 7320 Culture, Identity, and Interaction (3cr.); 7335 Social Change and Trends (3cr.); 7340 Self, Language, and Social Life (3cr.); 7370 Environment and Society (3cr.); 7387 Seminar in Sociology of Work (3cr.); 7400 Sociology of Health Systems (3cr.); 7410 Sociology of Education (3cr.); 7446 Community Social Structure (3cr.); 7487 Seminar of Sociology in Organizations (3cr.); 7500 Sociology of Social Policy (3cr.); 7510 Social Movements and Conflict (3cr.); 7520 Political Sociology (3cr.); 7530 Social Organization of Industrial Societies (3cr.); 7587 Seminar in Culture and Mass Media (3cr.); 7610 Society and Social Control; 7687 Seminar in Family Sociology 7700 Social Organization (3cr.); 8087 Seminar on Race Relation (3cr.); 8100 Theories of Society; 8110 Research in Sociology (3cr.); 8120 The Logic of Social Research (3cr.); 8130 Advanced Social Statistics (3cr.); 8187 Seminar on Interview Theory and Technique (3cr.); 8277 Race, Ethnicity, and Transnational Inequality (3cr.); 8287 Seminar in Social and Economic Development (3cr.); 8387 Seminar on Narrative and Identity (3cr.); 8425Communication and the Diffusion of Information (3cr.); 8687 Seminar in Criminology and Deviant Behavior (3cr.); 9090 Research (3-5cr.); 9187 Seminar in Sociological Theory I (3cr.); 9287 Seminar in Qualitative Methods in Sociology (3cr.); 9288 Ethnographic Fieldwork 3 (3cr); 9300 Social Interaction Research (3cr.); 9350 Graduate Seminar in Environmental Discourses (3cr.); 9487 Seminar in Sociological Theory II (3cr.); 9525 Culture, Difference, and Inequality (3cr.); 9587 Topical Seminar in Contemporary Sociological Theory (3cr.); 9687 Topical Seminar in Historical Sociology (3cr.); 9787 Seminar in Sociological Theory Construction (3cr.); 9837 Seminar in Multivariate Analysis Techniques (3cr.); 9887 Seminar in Sociology of Gender (3cr.); 9920 Independent Readings for Preparation for Comprehensive Examinations (3cr.); 9987 Seminar in Sociological Reasoning and Research Development (3cr.)
11. University of Missouri- Kansas City: Undergraduate Programs: B.S. Sociology
Graduate Programs: M.S. Sociology 
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOCIOL 101 Sociology: An Introduction (3cr.); SOCIOL 201 Introduction To Social Psychology (3cr.); SOCIOL 203 Social Problems (3cr.); SOCIOL 211 Social And Psychological Development Through The Life Cycle (3cr.); SOCIOL 263 Introduction to Statistics in Sociology/Criminal Justice (3cr.); SOCIOL 300 Special Topics in Sociology (1-3cr.); SOCIOL 300A Special Topics In Sociology (1-3cr.); SOCIOL 302 Social Stratification (3cr.); SOCIOL 306 Culture, Emotion, and Identity (3cr.); SOCIOL 308 The Social Life of Things (3cr.); SOCIOL 310R Families And The Life Course (3cr.); SOCIOL 313R Sociology Of Gender (3cr.); SOCIOL 316 Sociology Of Death And Dying (3cr.); SOCIOL 317 Policies Of Drug Use And Control (3cr.); SOCIOL 318 Sociology Of The Aging Woman (3cr.); SOCIOL 319 Theoretical Criminology (3cr.); SOCIOL 320 Social Deviance (3cr.); SOCIOL 322 Race And Ethnic Relations (3cr.); SOCIOL 324 Diversity And You (3cr.); SOCIOL 326 Consumer Society (3cr.); SOCIOL 327 US Government's Indian Policies: Practices Of A Colonizing Nation (1cr.); SOCIOL 328 Body and Society (3cr.); SOCIOL 329 The Imagery Of The American Indian In Film (1cr.); SOCIOL 332 Sociology Of Political Life (3cr.); SOCIOL 335R Introduction To Social Work: Principles And Practice (3cr.); SOCIOL 336 Society And Community Service (3cr.); SOCIOL 337 Community Development In Urban America (3cr.); SOCIOL 338 The World of Latino Youth and Adolescents in the U.S. (3cr.); SOCIOL 339 American Indian Leaders: Past And Present (1cr.); SOCIOL 340R Social Change (3cr.); SOCIOL 347 The American Indian Image: Stereotype Vs. Reality (1cr.); SOCIOL 348 Latina/Latino Immigrants & Migrants in the U.S (3cr.); SOCIOL 351 Gender, Work And Social Change (3cr.); SOCIOL 357 Social Movements (3cr.); SOCIOL 358 Culture and Society (3cr.); SOCIOL 361 Social Theory (3cr.); SOCIOL 362 Methods Of Sociological Research (3cr.); SOCIOL 390R Directed Field Experience I (1-6cr.); SOCIOL 391 Directed Field Experience II (1-6cr.); SOCIOL 397 Independent Readings In Sociology (1-3cr.); SOCIOL 398 Independent Research In Sociology (1-6cr.); SOCIOL 404WI The Sociology Capstone: Senior Seminar (3cr.); SOCIOL 410R Aging In Contemporary Society (3cr.); SOCIOL 411 Sociology Of Human Sexuality (3cr.); SOCIOL 418 Feminist Theories (3cr.); SOCIOL 431 Social Organization Of The City (3cr.); SOCIOL 433 Immigration and the City (3cr.); SOCIOL 434 Spatial Thinking in Social Science (3cr.); SOCIOL 440R Sociology Of Medicine (3cr.); SOCIOL 441 Globalization and Development (3cr.)
Graduate Courses Offered: SOCIOL 5501 Social Theory I (3cr.); SOCIOL 5502 Social Theory II (3cr.); SOCIOL 5503 Controversies In Contemporary Social Theory And Practice (3cr.); SOCIOL 5510 Sociological Methods I (3cr.); SOCIOL 5511 Sociological Methods II (3cr.); SOCIOL 5516 Intermediate Statistics (3cr.); SOCIOL 5530 Anthropology Of Gender (3cr.); SOCIOL 5531 Feminist Theories (3cr.); SOCIOL 5534 Spatial Thinking in Social Science (3cr.); SOCIOL 5537 Anthropology of Religion (3cr.); SOCIOL 5538 Gender, Work And Social Change (3cr.); SOCIOL 5540 Urban Social Structure (3cr.); SOCIOL 5550 Sociology Of Aging (3cr.); SOCIOL 5554 Sociology Of The Aging Woman (3cr.); SOCIOL 5556 Aging And Developmental Disabilities (2cr.); SOCIOL 5557 Practicum In Aging And Developmental Disabilities (1cr.); SOCIOL 5560 Sociology Of Death And Dying (3cr.); SOCIOL 5573 Latin American Immigrants and Refugees in the U.S. (3cr.); SOCIOL 5580 Special Studies In Sociology (1-3cr.); SOCIOL 5595 Directed Research Experience (3cr.); SOCIOL 5597 Independent Readings (1-3cr.); SOCIOL 5599 Thesis And Research (1-6cr.); SOCIOL 5699 Dissertation Research (1-12cr.); SOCIOL 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment (1cr.)
12. . University of Missouri- St. Louis: Undergraduate Programs: B.A. Sociology, B.S. Sociology
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC 1040 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 1051 Sport, Culture, and Society (3cr.); SOC 1061 Religion in Contemporary Society (3cr.); SOC 1091 Introductory Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 1241 Globalization and Social Change (3cr.); SOC 1999 The City (3cr.); SOC 2003 Careers in Health and Medicine (1cr.); SOC 2102 Introduction to Gender Studies (3cr.); SOC 2103 Gender Roles in Society (3cr.); SOC 2160 Social Psychology (3cr.); SOC 2170 Aging in America: Concepts & Controversies (3cr.); SOC 2180 Alcohol, Drugs and Society (3cr.); SOC 2192 Special Topics in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 2200 Languages and World View (3cr.); SOC 2201 Deviance and Society (3cr.); SOC 2202 Urban Sociology (3cr.); SOC 2224 Marriage and The Family (3cr.); SOC 2280 Technology And Society (3cr.); SOC 2300 Social & Community Services for an Aging Population (3cr.); SOC 2316 Power, Ideology and Social Movements (3cr.); SOC 2338 Health & Society (3cr.); SOC 3210 Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 3211 Language and Society (3cr.); SOC 3212 Medical Anthropology (3cr.); SOC 3220 Social Statistics (3cr.); SOC 3224 Families in Global Perspective (3cr.); SOC 3230 Research Methods (3cr.); SOC 3237 Contemporary Japanese Culture (3cr.); SOC 3250 Sociology of Victimization (3cr.); SOC 3260 Social Interaction in Small Groups (3cr.); SOC 3268 The Sociology of Conflict (3cr.); SOC 3280 The Networked Society (3cr.); SOC 3291 Current Issues in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 3344 Problems of Urban Community (3cr.); SOC 3600 Management and Organizational Behavior (3cr.); SOC 4040 Survey Research Practicum for Sociology (3cr.); SOC 4100 Introduction to Feminist and Gender Theory (3cr.); SOC 4130 Interviewing Older Adults and Life Review (3cr.); SOC 4150 Feminist Theory and Social Research (3cr.); SOC 4160 Geographic Information Systems in Anthropology & Sociology (4cr.); SOC 4280 Social Informatics (3cr.); SOC 4300 Communities and Crime (3cr.); SOC 4307 Community-Based Research in Sociology (3cr.); SOC 4312 Sociology Of Wealth And Poverty (3cr.); SOC 4320 Forms of Criminal Behavior (3cr.); SOC 4325 Gender, Crime & Justice (3cr.); SOC 4331 Qualitative Methods in Social Research (3cr.); SOC 4336 Sociology of Organizations (3cr.); SOC 4340 Race, Crime, and Justice (3cr.); SOC 4350 Special Study (1-10cr.); SOC 4354 Sociology of Business and Work Settings (3cr.); SOC 4356 Sociology of Education (3cr.); SOC 4360 Sociology of Minority Groups (3cr.); SOC 4361 Social Gerontology (3cr.); SOC 4362 Sociology of Law (3cr.); SOC 4365 Sociological Writing (3cr.); SOC 4378 Selected Topics in Social Psychology (1-3cr.); SOC 4380 Advanced Topics in Sociology (1-3cr.); SOC 4385 Internship in Sociology (1-6cr.); SOC 4430 Ethnicity, Dementia and Caregiving (3cr.); SOC 4600 Masculinities (3cr.); SOC 4720 Ageless Arts: Creativity in Later Life (3cr.)
13. Crowder College: **No sociology program found**
Undergraduate Courses Offered: SOC 101 General Sociology (3cr.)
14. East Central College: Undergraduate Programs: AAS Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC 101 General Sociology (3cr.); SOC 211 Human Relations (3cr.); SOC 212 Marriage & Family (3cr.); SOC 214 Introduction to Social Work (3cr.); SOC 270 I.S.-Sociology (3cr.); SOC 280 Special Topics-Sociology
15. Jefferson College: Undergraduate Programs: AAS Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC101 General Sociology (3cr.); SOC101H Honors General Sociology (3cr.); SOC115 Cultural Anthropology (3cr.); SOC125 Human Diversity (3cr.); SOC210 Alcohol, Drugs, and Society (3cr.); SOC240 Marriage & Family (3cr.); SOC250 Social Disorganization (3cr.)
16. Metropolitan College: **No sociology program found**
Associate Courses Offered: SOCI 160 Sociology (3cr.) 
17. Mineral Area College: Associate Degree Program: AAS Sociology
Associate Courses Offered: SOC1060 Alcohol and College Life (1cr.); SOC1130 General Sociology (3cr.); SOC1230 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC1240 Substance Abuse/Modern Society (3cr.); SOC1540  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3cr.); SOC1600 Ethnicity/Cultural Differences in America (3cr.); SOC1620  Human Diversity (3cr.)
18. Missouri State University- West Plains: Associate Degree Programs: AAS Sociology 
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC 150 Principles of Sociology (3cr.); SOC 152 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 271 The Community (3cr.); SOC 275 Sociology of Rural Life (3cr.); SOC 276 Sociology of Aging (3cr.); SOC 284 Social Movements (3cr.); SOC 290 Sociology of Gender Roles (3cr.); SOC 297 Special Topics in Sociology (1-3cr.)
19. Moberly Area Community College: Associate Degree Programs: AA Sociology 
Associate Courses Offered: SOC 101: Sociology (3cr.); SOC 101H: General Sociology (Honors) (3cr.); SOC 102: Rural Sociology (3cr.); SOC 105: Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (3cr.); SOC 150: Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems (3cr.); SOC 160: Introduction to Juvenile Justice Systems (3cr.); SOC 170: Introduction to Corrections, Probation, and Parole (3cr.); SOC 205: Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 210: Victimology (3cr.); SOC 211: Sociology of the Family (3cr.); SOC 215: Social Deviance (3cr.)
20. North Central Missouri College; Associate Degree Programs: 
Associate Courses Offered: SO107 General Sociology (3cr.); SO 201 Marriage and the Family (3cr.); SO 210 Social Problems (3cr.); SO 230 People & Cultures of the World (3cr.); SO 231 Experiencing Culture (1cr.); SO 250 Introduction to Social Work (4cr.)
21. Ozarks Technical Community College: Associate Degree Programs: AA Social Science
Associate Degree Courses Offered: 	SOC-101 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC-200 Cultural Diversity (3cr.); SOC-210 Urban Sociology (3cr.); SOC-212 Introduction to Social Work (3cr.); SOC-213 Social Welfare Policy and Services (3cr.); SOC-215 Deconstructing Social Problems (3cr.); SOC-225 Sociology of Family (3cr.); SOC-250 Service Learning In Community (3cr.)
22. St. Charles Community College: Associate Degree Programs: AA Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC 102 Introduction to Sociological Theory (3cr.); SOC 151 Gerontology I (3cr.); SOC 201   Contemporary Social Issues (3cr.); SOC 210 Sociology of Health and Healthcare (3cr.); SOC 215 Marriage and the Family (3cr.); SOC 221   Sociology of Art (3cr.); SOC 224 Sex, Gender, and Society (3cr.); SOC 241 Sociology Through Literature (3cr.); SOC 251 Aspects of Aging (3cr.); SOC 290   Readings in Sociology (3cr.); 
23. St. Louis Community College: Associate Degree Programs: AA Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC:100 The Sociology of Human Relations (3cr.) SOC:101 Introduction to Sociology (3cr.); SOC:103 Human Behavior at Work and in Business (3cr.); SOC:126 Study of Psychodynamic Substances (3cr.); SOC:201 Aspects of Aging (3cr.); SOC:202 Social Problems (3cr.); SOC:203 Crime and Society (3cr.); SOC:204 Family and Society (3cr.); SOC:211 Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (3cr.); SOC:212 Race and Ethnicity (3cr.)
24. State Fair Community College: Associate Degree Programs:  AA Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOC 100 General Sociology (3cr.); SOC 101 - Social Problems (3cr.); SOC 102 - Marriage and Family (3cr.); SOC 103 - Introduction to Social Work (3cr); SOC 120 - American Diversity (3cr.); SOC 180 - Problems in Sociology (3cr.)
25. Three Rivers College: Associate Degree Programs: AA Sociology
Associate Degree Courses Offered: SOCI 111 General Sociology (3cr.); SOCI 223 Marriage and the Family (3cr.); SOCI 234 Social Problems (3cr.); SOCI 230 Criminology (3cr.)
  1. sociology courses offered in Missouri

  1. Missouri offers a variety of diverse sociology courses and degree programs.

  2. This page list graduate and undergraduate courses from programs throughout the state

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Below are all of the Sociology courses offered in the state of Missouri. Most of these are standard GE courses and transfer from school to school. Information is provided from various university bulletins and catalogs.


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