1. The function of Sociology as a science is to bring about that which is hidden. Pierre Bourdieu

Missouri Sociological Association

Harris-Stowe State University
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 0100
This course surveys the range of human cultural variation and differing patterns of human social relationships. The perspectives and concepts of anthropology and sociology presented in this course will prepare the student to recognize and appreciate the variety of social and cultural situations encountered in life.

Lincoln University
Introduction to Sociology - SA 201
This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental theories, methodological approaches and basic principles used in sociology. The course examines the systematic study of social relationships and interactions. Detailed study of socialization, social structures, institutions, inequality, social control, gender, ethnicity, the economy and globalization will be engaged. 

Missouri Southern State University
Introduction to Sociology - SOC  110
An introductory course focused on the systematic study of society. Emphasis on major concepts of sociology and the scientific point of view in understanding and explaining human behavior and social phenomena.

Missouri State University
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 150
The study of society including its structure and operation from the perspective of sociology. The course focuses on ways society is constructed by people and, in turn, on the ways society shapes people. This general education course supplies students with a community as well as global, multicultural understanding of society.

Missouri Western State University
Introduction to Sociology SOC  110
An introduction to the discipline of sociology; basic sociological concepts and theories; a survey of the major topics such as culture, society, social interaction, groups, crime, race/ethnicity, class, gender, the family, education, religion, medicine, economy, politics. Cross-cultural comparisons.

Northwest Missouri State University
General Sociology - SOC  35101
This course is designed to provide a greater understanding of the social world. Sociology is defined as a scientific study of human behavior in social life with an assumption that there are social forces which shape and influence patterns of behavior and ways of thinking. These include social forces such as culture, stratification, age, gender, race and ethnicity, and globalization. Several sociological perspectives serve as the point of reference by which human behavior at the micro and macro level are better understood.

Southeast Missouri State University
Society, Culture and Social Behavior - SO 102
A series of lectures, projects and group discussions analyzing the impact of society and culture on human social behavior. 

Truman State University
Introduction to Sociology SOAN 190
This course provides students an introduction to the scientific study of society and human behavior. Since all human behavior is social, this course begins by examining key societal building blocks such as culture, socialization, and social structure. As students learn the major theories of sociology, and begin to apply the “sociological imagination” to better understand their own life experiences, and the experiences of others, the role that social institutions, groups, organizations, gender, race, and social class play will also be examined.

University of Central Missouri
General Sociology - SOC  1800
Explores the relationships of individuals, groups, and society in the context of changing social institutions. Addresses basic concepts and subfields in sociology

University of Missouri-Columbia
Introduction to Sociology - SOCIOL 1000
Nature of organization and activities of human groupings-family, community, crowd, social class, etc.; structure, function of institutions; social influences shaping personality, behavior, social change. 

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Principles of Sociology  - SOCIOL 101
An introduction to the study of society and the basic concepts of sociology.

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Introduction to Sociology - SOCIOL 1010
An introduction to sociological approaches to human behavior including types of social organizations, patterns of social interaction, and social influences on individual conduct.

Crowder College
General Sociology - SOC 101
This introduction analyzes groups, institutions and individual behavior in group environments.

East Central College
Introduction to Sociology - SO  1103
An introductory course in the field of sociology with special emphasis on the scientific study of social relations, social organizations, social institutions, and social dynamics.

Jefferson College
General Sociology - SOC 101
General Sociology deals with the scientific and systematic study of group behavior, exploring human society and social interaction.

Metropolitan Community College
Introduction to Sociology - SOCI 160
 Introduction to sociological principles, practices, and concepts with emphasis on groups, culture, personality, society, communication, cities, and social institutions. Family, religion, government, social change, social control, and social progress.

Mineral Area College
General Sociology - SOC 1130
Systematically examines behavior and human groups, particularly the influence of culture, socialization, social structure, stratification, social institutions, differentiated by race, ethnicity, gender, class, region and sociocultural change upon people’s attitudes and behaviors.

Missouri State University-West Plains
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 150
The study of society including its structure and operation from the perspective of sociology. The course focuses on ways society is constructed by people and, in turn, on the ways society shapes people. This general education course supplies students with a community as well as global, multicultural understanding of society.

Moberly Area Community College
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101
Sociology is a scientific study of society and the interaction between society and its human environment. Emphasis is on an explanation of the importance of values and norms and their significance in the development of attitudes and resulting social behavior. Course includes such concepts as social organization and culture, socialization, institutions, and collective behavior.

North Central Missouri College
Introduction to Sociology - SO 107
A survey course concerned with the study of human relationships in groups and of the structures and organizations that develop within human society. Emphasis is placed on various social phenomena and the theories which attempt to explain them.

Ozarks Technical Community College
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101
This course is an inquiry into the nature of society, the foundation of group life, institutions, structure of society and the role of the individual as a group member. Emphasis on implications for social change is encouraged.

St. Charles Community College
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101
Examines relationship between individual and society in social structure of modern society. Introduction to way in which sociologists interpret and research human behavior. Covers patterns of social interaction and social influences on individual conduct.

St. Louis Community College
Introduction to Sociology - SOC 101
This course is a general survey of the discipline of sociology. The course explores the reciprocal relationship between individuals and social institutions.  Specifically it examines how social forces both shape and are shaped by beliefs and behaviors regarding ourselves and others.

State Fair Community College
General Sociology - SOC  100
Introduction to the basic principles, concepts, research strategies, and empirical findings representative of the field today. Explores the relationships of individuals and groups in the context of broader social patterns. Establishes a basis for further study in the field. Course topics may include gender and racial inequality, deviance, economic and political institutions, social mobility, and concepts related to current social and cultural change.

Three Rivers College
General Sociology - SOCI 111
Sociology is the scientific study of human groups. General Sociology provides sociological information (viewed from various sociological perspectives) about the foundations of society, social inequality, social institutions, and social change at both national and international levels. Lecture 3 hours per week.
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Best Sociology Colleges in Missouri

Universities.com Created a 2017 ranking of the best colleges in Missouri that offer Sociology degrees to help you find a school that fits your needs. Each school's ranking is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. In addition, on this website you can view our entire list of all 28 Sociology schools located within Missouri. This website also provides reviews, facts, and questions and answers for schools on our site and offer you access to get valuable information from colleges and universities today.



Sociology Schools in Missouri

The best education webpage provides a list of all schools in Missouri with Sociology programs. This site provides useful links to sociology departments.



The College@Home website provides links to sociology programs in Missouri..


Sociology Scholarships

Scholarships.com provides comprehensive information on sociology specific scholarships. This website is a good place to begin your financial aid search.


50 Great Scholarships for Criminal Justice and Sociology Students

The fields of criminal justice and sociology may seem to be quite different from each other, but they share some important commonalities. A major connection between the two is the concern for and study of human behavior. This website provides great links to sociology and criminal justice scholarships.


ASA American Sociological association

ASA.org   - ASA's grant and fellowship programs provide educational stipends and small grants to members for supporting research initiatives and other important scientific activities including conference attendance.


AKD - Sociology honor society

AKD:  Alpha Kappa Delta seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as

will lead to improvement in the human condition.



Below are all of the Introduction to Sociology courses in the state of Missouri. Most of these are standard GE courses and transfer from school to school.


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