1. The function of Sociology as a science is to bring about that which is hidden. Pierre Bourdieu

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October 5, 2019 Conference

Sociology Connecting the Dots, Exploring Diversity in Sociology Research

This year the association is in desperate need of officers and association participation. Are you interested in a leadership position. Contact us.

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Welcome to the MSA webpage.

The Missouri Sociological Association is a statewide collaboration between higher learning institutions and professional agencies as it relates to the discipline of sociology. Universities, community colleges, nonprofits, publishing companies, and other organizations come together every fall to celebrate the discipline and encourage growth in the social sciences. MSA is an interdisciplinary association that strives to conduct meaningful discourse about Sociology in the state of Missouri. This website will serve as a repository for all things sociology in the state.

As we watch the changes in society we understand that as sociologist we need to make our voices heard. We need to grow our discipline and return to some of the foundational principles of our discipline, theory, evidence based research the development of critical thinking skills and community engagement. In the last 10 years sociological presence in higher education has been in a steady state of decline in Missouri. In the last few years several programs have even closed and in many institutions sociology classes have been relegated to simple general education requirements.

The 2019 theme of this years conference is Sociology: Connecting the Dots, Exploring Diversity in Sociology Research.  We want to open a professional dialog and discuss all the ways that sociology and related disciplines are looking at various elements of society.  We will also explore innovative teaching strategies and best practices for the modern classroom.               Welcome Letter Read More...
  1. 2019 conference

This year the conference is going to address some pressing issues facing our discipline.  What is sociology’s role in contemporary society? How can sociologist be useful in this ever changing social reality. How are we connecting the dots and what are sociologist doing in realtime outside the classroom to make a difference in society. Last year we announced the Dr. Rex Campbell Award for scholar activism. This award was created for senior scholars who have made lasting contributions to the discipline. This year we will focus on young scholars and how they are taking their sociology to the streets. Read More

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The 2019 Conference will be held in Jefferson City on the Campus of Lincoln University on Saturday October5th 2019. We are currently working on dates and times and we will post update information when available.

We are looking for new members with bright ideas. 


We are looking for creative and active people to help move the MSA forward. If you are interested in a leadership position please contact. Patrick Fontane pefontane@gmail.com We are currently looking for an interim  secretary.

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