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Dear Colleagues:

I have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the 2018 Missouri Sociological Association Conference in Jefferson City Missouri, October 19th and 20th, 2018.  MSA is an organization that has strived to highlight the professional and scholarly work of Sociologists in Missouri. My name is Sharon Squires and in October 2017 I became the president elect for the organization. I am a University of Missouri Columbia alumni and I spent many an hour in the basement of the sociology building discussing Foucault and trying to figure out what Talcott Parsons was all about. I left the state for several years and recently I have returned to teach at Lincoln University in Jefferson City. I was surprised to see that sociology seems to be in a state of decline in Missouri. Many universities have closed programs and others have kept sociology classes just to fill general education requirements.  
This current state of affairs is the impetus behind the 2018 conference theme “Sociology to the Future: Where do we go from here? This conference explores where Sociology is going as a discipline in Missouri and how we can revitalize our neglected content area. I invite you to join us in discussing the future of Sociology and how we can make ourselves relevant in the social discussion again.  The conference will explore some of the facts and fictions of the discipline as well as the current state of the discipline as a whole.  We will also explore dynamic and innovative teaching strategies. This year other presenters and I will be leading a workshop on teaching sociology. We will examine using humor, social media, green screen technology and online resources to energize contemporary classrooms. 
We welcome and invite paper submissions from related social science fields doing research on Missouri. Part of planning for our future is rebuilding social science relationships. Specifically, anthropologist, rural sociologist, social workers, political scientist and historians doing work on Missouri are also encouraged to submit proposals to the conference. 
This year we will have a special luncheon tribute to Dr. Rex Campbell, professor emeritus from the University of Missouri Columbia. This year the Association will launch the Rex Campbell Award for Scholar Activism.  This award will be given to senior Missouri scholars who have a long legacy of service to their academic institutions, students and their community. The association will create a Wikipedia page for Dr. Campbell and subsequent award winners and they will be featured on the MSA webpage. This award not only recognizes Missouri scholars it also immortalizes them in history and publicizes the contributions of sociologists in the state of Missouri. If you are a former student or colleague, I strongly encourage you to come out and support Dr. Campbell and his accomplishments. You can register for the conference or come out for the luncheon on Saturday October 20th. 
We are planning a dynamic, stimulating conference and would welcome your presence.  We encourage you to submit a paper, sign up for a panel presentation or simply engage in what are sure to be thought-provoking discussions. Please encourage your sociology students (majors or minors) to attend the conference and submit papers, posters or panel topics. There are many benefits to coming to the MSA conference, it’s in a central location in the state so it is easy to get to, the conference is reasonably priced, the proximity and cost also facilitates student attendance. The conference also presents an inexpensive way to accomplish professional development goals. Not to mention that the referred online journal provides an excellent opportunity for publications. The final good reason is that it is also a good way to catch up with old friends and let your colleagues know what you have been doing. Whether you are just starting out in your career or about to retire, we need you. We need both the years of wisdom and the injection of innovative new ideas if we are going to save ourselves and move our discipline forward. 
Please share this information with your colleagues and students.  Additional details on location, registration and things to do in Jefferson City will be available on our new website.  

Dr. Sharon L. Squires  
Lincoln University, Missouri, Associate Professor 
2018 MSA President Elect

Contact Information
Dr. Squires E-mail: SquiresS@LincolnU.Edu			Phone: TBA
MSA Website: MissouriSociologicalAssociation.org 
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